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Your new patient experience awaits.

Dear New Patient,

We always work with one goal in mind: to greatly exceed even our expectations.

Our philosophy is simple: The dentistry we recommend to our loved ones is precisely what we recommend to you. At your new patient experience, you will be scheduled with both out Doctor and dental hygienist and you will receive a comprehensive oral evaluation which includes cavity and disease detecting x-rays and an oral cancer screening. A personalized assessment and treatment plan will be developed and reviewed with you at this time.

When Should Oral Hygiene Services Begin?

In general, it is recommended that children begin receiving oral hygiene services when they are as young as two to three years old. By beginning exams at an early age, we have time to create positive experiences for your child to set the stage for a lifetime of quality dental care.

Diagnostic Services

-Take necessary cavity detecting X-Rays
-Assess your periodontal (gum) tissue
-Evaluate existing dental restorations for proper fit, function and esthetics
-Check of your bite, chewing and swallowing patterns
-Review and update your medical history
-Record any changes in your prescribed medications and physical condition
-Evaluate possible cosmetic enhancements of your smile
-Identify any cause of bad breath (halitosis)
-Examine and screen for oral cancer
-Check your blood pressure
-Refer you to specialists for specific treatment(s)
-Develop a comprehensive treatment plan

Educational Services

-Instruction in tooth brushing and flossing
-Counseling in proper nutrition
-Presentation of prescribed dental treatment(s)
-Recommending future treatments
-How Often Should Oral Hygiene Services Be Scheduled?
-Because each patient’s needs are different, you should check with us to see what is appropriate for you. Typically, oral hygiene visits are scheduled for every three to four months.

Your smile – Our Passion – Lasting Impressions

At Impressions Dental Centres, we strive for excellence in dentistry and patient service. You will receive the highest quality of dental care thanks to our team’s experience and desire to please. Our dentistry focuses on providing the finest materials, methods and solutions for the longest lasting, most comfortable, functional, attractive and natural appearance possible.


Due to the ever increasing demand for our professional services, we kindly request that if you must reschedule an appointment please extend us the courtesy of Two (2) Business Days Notice since these changes will affect staff and other patients.

This courtesy will make it possible to give your reserved time to another patient. We regret that we must apply a charge for failed appearances or cancellations with less than the Two (2) Business Days Notice. While we do realize that emergencies do happen and are not anticipated, all efforts to notify us are greatly appreciated.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your family!
With Best Regards,

The Impressions Dental Centres Team

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444 Main Street Deseronto
Deseronto Dental Centre
Deseronto, ON CAN | K0K 1X0

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